AES PowerCell

We are interested in developing Strategic partners for joint customized commercial application that will utilize the power cell technology. The technology can be utilized for any power source. This is a zero emission safe power cell the initial R&D started back in the early 2000.

We are now seeking partners for commercialize projects and manufacturing, Our cooperation agreement will give the application developer or  manufacture the right to cooperate with eMpasys and or our R&D technology member partners. The cooperating partners and or agent will also have the opportunity to market our power cell technology and or solutions.

Our technology can work as a standalone power source that will recharge independently or can be integrated with any battery technology. Our technology will provide power to drive and operate electric vehicles anywhere, as a self-recharging power cell.

Our energy storage power cells  utilize a scalable fabrication technique and can be connected together in series or parallel, taking up a small amount of space. They can be stacked directly one above the other or embedded directly into the application design.

The energy storage can be charged and discharged at deep cycles greater than normal electron-chemical energy storage systems.  They are specifically engineered to provide cost-effective customized solutions for renewable technology energy  applications.

The power cells will provide long operation, no maintenance, they are stable and operation at extreme temperatures. Our energy storage modules include special circuitry to protect the power cells and or module from damage due to overcharging or undercharging.

Our energy storage power cell modules can be deployed in all types of power applications as well as the perfect decentralized Micro-grid.  We are always ready to assist you with your application development.

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