Energy Storage

The majority  countries in the world are changing to  energy  power production like; solar electric power production , wind power electric production , hydro electric power production and now  power production for  electric vehicles.  These electric power production solution will need energy storage power solutions.

Energy storage power production will be the key to reliable electrical power  for renewable and alternative solutions. The primary technology for energy storage has been lithium-ion based batteries, first used in the consumer market, and now in the transportation and large-scale storage markets. This technology is based on the transfer of lithium-ions between an alloy and graphite-based electrode forming a lithium-ion cell. The cells are grouped together to form a battery pack or modules which can then be used to power application or devices. The technology was first researched and invented in the United States, but it is currently manufactured globally, with the majority of cells produced in Asia.

There are three major industries demanding lithium-ion cells: Power electronics devices, Automotive vehicles, and Energy storage power back up. As of 2017 the automotive sector, producing electric vehicles (EV), has become the largest user. Explosive growth in this industry will make it the dominate user of energy storage technologies into the future and will be the reason for growth in the cell manufacturing industry.

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