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The Ultra solid-state power cell technology can be adapted to many different materials for different applications. This technology is a solid-state ultra-thin bendable and flexible power cell; it will never flame up or explode and can recharge while under water. The heating is lower than body temperature during Recharging. It’s the safest Lithium solution in the world. The Ultra power cells are incombustible, utilizing non-flammable material. There is no leakage, no fire, and no explosion even after punching, hitting, folding, penetrating, cutting, or burning.

Compare to other global solid-state Lithium battery cells, our high efficient Ultra  slim power cell has 12 times the power capacity compared to the older technologies. It conquered the natural physics theory limitation of “high inner resistance of solid-state” and gives good electrical performance like general liquid battery cell does, such as discharging rate capability and charging time.

Customized solutions based on your battery application size, Energy Density, High C rate,   Long life cycle and No BMS is needed. The production time line is faster and the cost is lower compared to other Lithium cell solution.

Our Power cell technology is a proven solution with IEC, UL, RoHS and ISO certifications.

We select each cell to the uniform standard of your application voltage, capacity, inner impedance, discharge platform, constant current ratio, self discharge, which guarantees the whole pack work synchronized and smoothly. Even if there are exist problems with some cells, they can be replace easily.

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